The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe: Siem Reap’s sweetest coffee shop

I’m going to be blunt. I was not a fan of Siem Reap. Not even in the slightest. In fact, once we were finished with our three-day temple pass, I was genuinely looking forward to making my escape. Pub Street is brash, crass and full of crap, with row after row of overpriced, low quality restaurants and cheap bars. That’s some people’s idea of heaven, but I’m much more into those chic, cute little neighbourhood coffee shops, with character and quirk. And this is where the lovely Missing Socks Laundry Cafe saved the day!


South of the Night Market, on the opposite side of the main road from Pub Street’s splurge, you’ll find an unassuming little cafe – look out for the wall of washing machines and tumble dryers outside, and you’ll know you’re in the right place. As well as serving up excellent, well-priced grub, Missing Socks not only also offers a place for you to get your laundry done, but also has an exceedingly affordable small dorm. It was set up by travellers, for travellers – so you know your needs will be met! (One wash and use of the tumble dryers will cost around $4-$5, and you can get a *lot* in there. Detergent and softeners are included, just to make it even easier.) If you’re just passing by for food and with a pile of laundry in tow like we were, you’ll appreciate the ice-cold air con and relaxed atmosphere.

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Whilst you wait for your whites to soak, make the most of their extensive and delicious menu. I also highly recommend the coffee: the cafe is the home of Cambodia’s 2016 Barista Champion, and their delicious coffee goes down far too easily with one (or two, or three) of their desserts.


As well as a few Western dishes, including pasta, waffles and fries, they do delicious Khmer food – genuinely some of the best we had whilst in Siem Reap. Their Lok Lak (below) was beautiful. Peppery, with a rich tomato sauce, fluffy rice and a perfectly cooked egg, I hoovered this up far too quickly.


The real masterpiece is their waffles, however. If you grab a seat by the counter you can watch the waffle-making magic in action, and the whole places smells delicious when a waffle is cooking away. If you only order one thing at Missing Socks, make sure it’s their Signature Waffle Burger (below). Pretty much as it sounds, this is a heaving pile of deliciousness – layers of fresh salad and mayo with American cheese, melting over a succulent patty and topped with a fried egg. I can’t even tell you how well this works. And amazingly, waffle tastes great with mayonnaise – who knew? Stop by if/when you get sick of Khmer food, and stuff yourself silly.



If you’ve got room for more – and haven’t yet had your fill of waffle – you really should try the Holiday Waffle, which is as cheery and delightful as it sounds. Rum & Raisin ice cream melting over a warm waffle, with whipped cream and delicious dollops of thick raspberry jam creates the kind of sweet, sticky mess that dreams are made of. And this goes insanely well with a coffee. Thank you for saving us from Pub Street, Missing Socks, and for giving us such divine food to munch on whilst getting our laundry done – winner!

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The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe
Angkor Night Market Street
24/7 Laundry, Cafe 7am-7pm

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