Forget NYC, Come to Toronto: Top 5 Things to Do and See

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A lot of people dream of visiting New York, London, Paris, but sometimes the cities in Canada get overlooked. Lonely Planet ranked Canada the #1 destination to visit in 2017. Over here we have a lot to offer, but the city you should definitely have on your list is Toronto.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. People love to visit Toronto to experience our culture and feel the pulse of downtown.

Luckily I only live 45 minutes away from the city, so I can give you the scoop.

Here is a countdown of 5 things I love about Toronto!

Toronto Blue Jays

toronto-1751850_960_720Every summer I enjoy going to see the Toronto Blue Jays play. Even though I am not a hardcore baseball fan it’s still exciting to be a part of the atmosphere. If you like sports, great, if not, I still recommend going to see a game. What’s great about the Roger’s Centre is that when it’s a nice summer day the dome roof will open to unveil the CN Tower.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)


Usually, I am not one for visiting museums, but I always love seeing their dinosaur exhibit. All of their rooms have a different theme, so it’s not hard to get caught up in all that’s displayed. You could spend hours getting lost in all the history and cultures. This year they have a new Vikings exhibit and online exhibits too!


Nathan Phillips Square


If you are a tourist you can’t miss taking a picture with the big colourful “Toronto” sign located here! Here is where city hall is located. I dare you to go to the square on New Year’s Eve… it’s so busy! In the winter the giant fountain out front turns into a skating rink.


Ripley’s Aquariumhnem8j1jpce-francis-taylor

I’ve gone to many aquariums before but this one beats them all. The building features over 16,000 aquatic species and a variety of galleries including Ray Bay, Planet Jellies, and Rainbow Reef. My absolute favorite is the Dangerous Lagoon, where a conveyor belt takes you through a clear tunnel of sharks, stingrays, and other dangerous creatures.

CN Tower

y4azpone6zi-patrick-tomassoThis is one of the most recognizable landmarks Toronto is known for. It is 553 meters tall and is the world’s third tallest tower. You can see the tower from all over the city. It’s especially hard to miss at night when it is lit up. I have never actually gone up the tower, but it is on my to-do list.

Hope this guide helps the next time you come to Canada. The time to visit Toronto is NOW!

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