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I spend far, far too much time online engaging in travel-related activities. Planning travel, looking at people’s travel photos, reading people’s travel blogs. And that one, the last point, is where I come a bit unstuck.

I’m staggered – and inspired – by the amount of people who have been able to give everything up to travel the world, and who are committed to reporting back from their exploits, updating us on how they lived on less than $20 a day in Laos, where to find the best street food in Bogota, or their favourite cafes with wi-fi in Amsterdam. I love to live vicariously through their posts; who doesn’t? The only problem is, I’m not sure all that many of us can follow in these adventurous footsteps, or experience the world in this way.


Looking around the last flight that I was on, I couldn’t see many likely candidates for wanderlust-stricken nomads. There were lots of families, squeezing in last-minute getaways before the new school year started in earnest. There were grandparents, visiting younger relatives overseas, and vice-versa. There were couples, discussing how long it would take them to get home from the airport, and whether they’d make the train that they’d booked tickets for.

These people are – more than likely – a lot like me, and maybe a bit like you. They get a week or two away at a time, and they want to make the most of it. They’re willing to splurge a bit on hotels rather than hostels. They probably want a bit of upmarket dining as well as street food. And if it makes their lives easier then, so be it, they might even pay to go on an organised tour (whisper it). But beneath all of this is still the same love of visiting new countries, trying unusual foods, and walking down the streets of a strange and different city.

It’s easy to say “this isn’t travelling” – but why not?

So, to get to my introduction: this blog is for those who love to travel, but sometimes feel the other travel blogs aren’t always “for them”. Those who, reluctantly, sometimes need to fit exploration of an entire country into a two-week window. Who could do with their cheap city-break flights to be over weekends. It’s definitely for those who recoil from the phrase “shared bathroom”. Stick around for realistic travel tips and advice, cheap flight and trip alerts, and a shared love of all things travel for those who go when they can, as much as they can.



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